Liquidzilla is based in the Netherlands, we produce premium wines with a purpose and a unique story...delivered!


Liquidzilla produces exclusives wines from the Netherlands. We take great pride in delivering a flawless taste of victory with our wines. Every wine we introduce has to change the perception that premium wines from the Netherlands is unapproachable, expensive and without personality. The wines are spectacular and will give you an experience you will love. Each wine has a story, a purpose and is unique in it’s kind.


Bent u enthousiast geworden en wilt u ook een keer genieten van een unieke wijn van Nederlandse bodem? Ga dan naar onze webshop en bestel uw eerste wijn. Sinds de oprichting van ons bedrijf hebben wij drie nieuwe wijnen geïntroduceerd. Een droge witte wijn genaamd "Victory White, een rode wijn genaamd "Lady In Red en een droge rosé genaamd "PNK Thoughts For Men"


LiquidZilla heeft zijn eigen merchandise lijn. Deze is gelijktijdig met de introductie van onze eerste wijn opgericht. De lijn bevat hoodies, petjes en T-shirts en zijn voorzien van een speciale opdruk. Bij elke wijn die word geïntroduceerd word naast de vaste lijn een limited edition lijn verkocht die in het teken staat van het thema van de wijn. De merchandise is te bestellen in de shop.

Zuid Limburg LiquidZillawines

Our Story

The idea for the winery first began in September of 2019 when I and some friends embarked on a road trip to Limburg, which is a province in the Netherlands. This area is well known for its vineyards and we decided to visit one in the South of Limburg.
When we arrived we were totally surprised by the professionalism of the business. Not knowing that we made wine of excellent quality in the Netherlands.

The vineyard owners told us that they mainly sell wine to the local population and entrepreneurs. And that's right. If you ask a person who lives in one of the big cities in the Netherlands such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam or the Hague and you ask whether this person has ever drunk a Dutch wine, most people will say “no”, also because they were not aware that we produce wine in the Netherlands.

We also noticed that the wine bottles were provided with labels that are not particularly visible and exciting. We find this not only with wines from the Netherlands but also with many other types of wines from European countries. Often the winemakers do not have time to come up with a nice label because they are completely focused on producing wines that takes a lot of time.
In the next few months became an exciting brainstorm about a new, unique kind of winery and the concept for LiquidZilla Wines was born.

Our Goal

LiquidZilla wants to distinguish itself by producing a wine that is of excellent quality, produced in the Netherlands and has a unique label and story.
Every wine that we produce has a special theme with accompanying merchandise. Also we find it important to do donate part of the proceeds to charity.
Through our social media channels we want to inform people in a special way that wine from the Netherlands can also be of excellent quality.
We do not only want to bring the wine of LiquidZilla to the attention, but especially the wines from the Netherlands in general, so that everyone can enjoy a Dutch wine of excellent quality.
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the establishment of LiquidZilla. We are very excited about the future and are curious about what it has in store for us.


Wine from the Netherlands